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Thermo Est has developed know-how in temperature measurement that is recognized by researchers and industry alike.

Always ready to listen to its partners, Thermo Est participates in the development and improvement of knowledge in all fields of metallurgy, fluids and gases, where the best temperature measurement is essential. Thanks to their experience, Thermo Est engineers have succeeded in mastering all the welding and brazing processes that guarantee quality in the manufacture of temperature sensors. Rigorous selection and processing of materials, together with rigorous quality control, are the factors behind Thermo Est's international reputation.

High-temperature thermocouples type S, R, B, C or D

Known for their versatility as temperature sensors, thermocouples are manufactured in a variety of styles. Thermo Est's high-temperature sheathed thermocouples are used in applications where standard thermocouples don't meet the need because the temperature is too high. These thermocouples, made from high-purity materials and assembled by micro-welding in a neutral atmosphere, have seen their design evolve over time. The thermocouples used are of the S, R, B, C or D type, and are made with platinum wire of varying rhodium content, or with tungsten/rhenium wire. Standard insulation is MgO (magnesium oxide), also available with BeO (beryllium oxide), HfO2 (hafnium oxide), and Al2 O3 (aluminum oxide). A flexible or rigid metal sheath, such as molybdenum, tantalum, tungsten and rhodium-plated platinum, protects the assembly.

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(Nuclear safety: radiation, earthquake, steam, high temperature)

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