Sensors for aeronautics
A partner who gives wings to your projects

For over 50 years, Thermo Est has been designing high-tech sensors for the aerospace industry. Designed and manufactured in France, they are now used on numerous aeronautical programs. We're more than just a supplier, we're a partner in your projects!

Your concerns are at the heart of our requirements. Finding the optimum solutions and adapting them perfectly to your needs are the watchwords of our commitment. We are a human-sized, agile company that adapts its skills. Thermo Est deploys its teams all over the world, and each employee studies and proposes our products and services best suited to temperature control in each of your areas of intervention.

Premium range

For your tests or heat treatments

Thanks to the synergy established within the group, Thermo Est offers sheathed cable according to specifications and in compliance with AMS 2750 aeronautical standards. This cable is available in various diameters and provides your sensors with a guarantee of performance and traceability for your tests or specific heat treatment processes.
Our thermocouples play an essential role in compliance with standard requirements, as they are type T, J, K, E, N, R, S, B, C or D; they are available in various lengths, materials and diameters.

Exclusive" range

Instrumentation by :

  • Pressure tubes
  • Small resistance thermometers
  • Mineral-insulated jacketed thermocouples or flexible Teflon® / Kapton® cable
  • With or without swaging

Mechanical equipment:
Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery, Thermo Est is able to manufacture all the mechanical components required for reinforcing bars, fittings, nozzles, drilled-in glove fingers, etc.

For your ground tests...

The continuous improvement of propulsion performance and the reduction of its environmental impact have been essential factors in the development of air transport. Continuing this success is at the heart of Thermo Est's technological efforts.

Instrumented combs are intrusive measuring devices designed to acquire pressure and temperature parameters on an aircraft engine. Positioned on the engine during the test phases of development, they are used to characterize the performance of the various stages.

Thermo Est manufactures combs or rakes, participates in the design, and takes charge of the entire production process, including heat treatment, machining, specific vacuum brazing, instrumentation and calibration. The know-how we've built up through our dedicated testing facilities enables us to guarantee the precise positioning of the instrumentation in each nozzle.

Thermo Est thermocouples are used in the aerospace industry to measure heat flows or cooling circuits for engine testing. The thermocouple is held in place by a metal assembly, with high-temperature brazing +1050°C for thermocouples Ø 0.5 mm.

For on-board control

Brake temperature sensors 

Braking is one of the vital functions of an aircraft, and it must be possible to stop the aircraft in an emergency. Our sensor authorizes retraction of the landing gear, and can operate at extreme temperatures in excess of +1000°C.

Aeronautical applications

Ambient temperature sensors
The ambient temperature inside an airliner is between 18°C and 25°C, while the outside temperature at cruising altitude is around -50°C.
Thermo Est offers precise resistance sensors to measure and regulate ambient temperature, guaranteeing flight comfort.

For your tests and qualifications...

Thermo Est's extensive laboratory facilities enable us to carry out the most stringent controls in line with our customers' specifications.

Non-destructive or destructive testing with :

Thermo Est manufactures and controls its products in full compliance with current international standards.

For your heating applications...

Mineral-insulated shielded heating cables are characterized by their robustness, durability and adaptability to extreme conditions. Thermo Est manufactures its own mineral-insulated sheathed cables to your specifications.

General specifications :

Application examples:

For your calibrations...

Laboratory metrology:
Thermo Est is the first manufacturer with a COFRAC-accredited laboratory, a guarantee of compliance with the best practices, and the best calibration methods using reference instruments.

  • For contact thermometers
  • For optical pyrometers (excluding accreditation)

On-site metrology services:
To meet our customers' needs, our "on-site" metrologists travel to your premises to provide a wide range of services, including calibration of installations, characterization and verification of climatic chambers, whether or not covered by COFRAC accreditation.

Control services:
Consulting, training and support, Thermo Est puts its team at your disposal to bring you the combined expertise of a metrology laboratory and a manufacturer of temperature sensors. This dual expertise enables us to offer practical, customized training courses.