Sensors for industry

Our temperature solutions include customer-specific sensors designed for particular applications. For example, we develop multi-point sensors, skin-point sensors for surface measurement on piping, Pt 100 Ω versions or thermocouples.
Process conditions characterized by high temperatures, high flow velocities or aggressive and corrosive media call for a special design for this type of sensor. With such solutions, it's possible to measure temperature with the reliability and accuracy required for diverse applications such as hydrodesulfurization, hydrocracking, reactors, storage tanks, process vessels and boilers.

Process sensors with or without immersion sleeve :

These sensors consist of a drilled or welded thermowell. They are attached to your piping system by means of a flange or boss. Generally equipped with a removable measuring element to facilitate interchangeability and process shutdown.

Connection head: The Ex i, Ex d, Ex e head is mounted on
the immersion sleeve or on the temperature sensor extension tube.

Advantages :

The extension tube, with or without union or sleeve, is the link between the connection head and the process/glove connection.

Advantages :

The process connection is the link between the process and the temperature sensor.

Thermo Est offers different connections to suit your process:

The thermowell is the sensor component in direct contact with the process.

Advantages :

The measuring element or insert :

Measuring inserts consist of 316 L stainless steel tubing, e.g. Inconel® or MgO mineral-insulated sheathed cable.
Elements are Pt100 Ω to IEC 60751 Class B, A or other 2, 3 or 4-wire mounting or thermocouple version, depending on your temperature range. Single or double version for redundant measurements.
To guarantee thermal contact with the process, the element is fitted with 2 compression springs, stroke 10 mm, ensuring contact at the bottom of the well.